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- THE BEST TECHNOLOGY AT THE BEST COST! VENTECH SECURITY S.A. integrates manufacturing, distribution and logistics in a perfect way, our factory in china have production lines with high efficiency machinery also has a research department that is in charge to fit the requirements of integrating companies with the latest technology at the best cost.


- IMMEDIATE DELIVERY AND SHIPPING DEALS! we have our office and warehouse in special zones of panama and the united states where we keep our merchandise in stock which greatly decreases clearance times and costs of sent to any country, especially in Latin America and the Caribbean.


- PRICES OF MANUFACTURER NEAR YOU! our strategic position allows us to offer customers the same prices as any company located in china, without the need to travel to the Asian continent, without hiring interpreters (we handle Spanish, English and Portuguese language), without having to hire brokers, since you can do it yourself with the merchandise that is ready to deliver in our warehouse ,no need for visas, no scams or nuisances.


- PERSONALIZED TECHNICAL ADVICE! usually china manufacturers have sellers that manage very well English but have a poor knowledge of products technical aspects, in our company all customers are assisted by professional staff that manages perfectly products technical details and who can suggest options that will best suit your needs.


- UP TO TWO YEARS WARRANTY! we have total confidence in the quality of our products that's the reason why we offer up to two years warranty.





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