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Model VT-55HR

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Product Description:



    It can be widely used in indoor environments which required monitoring, e.g. Warehouse, factory, indoor place etc.


Product Introduction:

   This product is the third generation of outdoor infrared auto tracking high speed dome camera. with precise motor-driven, responds keenly, runs smoothly, the precision deviation less than 0.1 degree, the image does not have any vibration under any speed.

    Support RS485 control, Controlling agreement automatically diagnosis (Pelco-D, Pelco-P, Hikvision, Dahua) well as the zoom module.

     128 presets programmable, it supports patrol, pattern scan and scan between two presets, support password protection, Rapid connection, it’s easy to install.

Support lightning protection, anti-surge, anti-surge function.


Feature Description:

  • 3PCS high-power infrared light, turn divided into two groups , no flashlight effect , IR distance 20-30 m.

  • 360°endless pan range and 0°- 90°tilt range, support auto-flip, non-surveillance blind area

  • Max. pan preset speed of 30°/s an max. tilt preset speed of 17°/s

  • Support 128 preset

  • 4patrols, each patrol can contain up to 16 presets

  • 1 patterns, can totally record up to 10 minus.

  • Proportional zoom function, rotation speed can be adjusted automatically according to zoom multiples

  • Support park action, presets/pattern/patrol/pan scan can invoke automatically after a defined time of inactivity (contain the idling condition after the power supply has been turn on)

  • Support Hikvision DVR intelligent 3D mouse positioning function.








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